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Harmonic Minor Key Center Backing Tracks

These examples work much like the Major Key Center ones.  This time a Locrian Mode is used over the 2 chord.  Think of the Locrian Mode having the same notes as the major scale a half step higher.  The Phrygian Dominant Mode is used for the 5 chord.  The Harmonic Minor Scale is used for the 1 chord.  Remember, the Phrygian Dominant is a relative mode of the Harmonic Minor Scale used for the 1 chord, so it will have the same notes.

Key of A Minor

Key of D Minor

Key of G Minor

Key of C Minor

Key of F Minor

Key of Bb Minor

Key of Eb Minor

Key of G# Minor

Key of C# Minor

Key of F# Minor

Key of B Minor

Key of E Minor

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